One of the DIY products I created my self in the past few years is my own toothpaste. There are many recipes out there and I would like to share with you about the ingredients in my toothpaste. Bentonite clay, active charcoal powder, coconut oil and a few other essential oils(Peppermint and Clove bud) are my ingredients. Please make certain you buy 100% natural products.


The results are the healthy gum, teeth and a fresh breath(even when I get up early in the morning :)). Before making my own toothpaste I did a lot of research on the ingredients I mentioned above. The facts and information gathered has been really worthy.

The other remarkable advantage is how environmental friendly this DIY toothpaste is.

Still my toothbrush is plastic. But I am happy that I don’t find empty plastic toothpaste tubes any more in my dust bin. A tiny step and an effort to reduce my portion of the waste.

Thank you for reading but in your heart  you are listening! So thank you once again!