Terra is Earth in Italian.

I started my journey of being environmental friendly many years ago when I used steel containers to carry my lunch and snack stuffed inside my big handbag. No polythene wrappers. In a way bringing my lunch from home prepared by my mum with so much love and care and the fact that how much I appreciate home made food all made it a possibility.

You might think what I can do after all as it is just one person-me. I am a simple girl who does not have any power. But I am very conscious about how I want to leave this beautiful blue planet called Earth. Should I leave polythene and plastic wrappers for another 200 years after my death for the generations to come to deal with? Or should I make a stand on my own and contribute to less waste on a daily basis by little things one step at a time. I am determined to contribute to less waste on a daily basis.

This journey is not a perfect one. It is made out of simple little things I do to eliminate my share of waste. If I continue on this path I believe someday I will be able to reach my destination :a life of ZERO-WASTE. If I could not I would know I did try always.

It is not easy. But the Earth deserves it: for all the water, food and the clean air she has given me. I feel every time I consider about nature do something in my own way , I loose my ego a little. ‘Cause it is not just my life. I am only one species.

She owes me nothing
I owe her everything

D Karunakalage
(Extract from the poem:My Ma)


In the days to come I will share with you all the little things I continue to do on behalf of this journey.  This is Deepthie, signing off for now.