When he comes to take her away


she would look upon him

as an equal

without regrets

without the will to stay behind

or beg for another chance

to make things right again

she would part

as a warrior

who fought her battles

when the world looked away

she would part

as a soul

who lived her life

to the fullest

who dreamt

the impossible dreams

who stood

her ground

who followed her own principles

who loved herself




D Karunakalge




2 thoughts on “She”

  1. Just wow, I loved it..Very nicely written. Your choice of words and the flow were both nicely done as well as the structure. Keep up the outstanding work Deepthi…5/5

  2. After all, it is peace that one should feel if they know they’ve done their best to savour life as a whole as their time comes


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