I have been sewing my clothes such as dresses, trousers and shirts for sometime. Sewing is one of the skills I inherited from my dear mother. If I do buy anything I make certain that it is of quality. As such it will be in my wardrobe for many many years to come. I have shirts and trousers over five years now and some even longer. Some even close to ten years.

When I am buying or stitching I make certain that it is a timeless pattern. So I would not have the need to throw it away simply because it is out of fashion. The biggest advantage of sewing your own clothes is that you can always keep seam allowances which come really handy in case you put on a few extra pounds, So that way you can keep on wearing the same garment with a bit of alteration for a long time.

I can say the same about the shoes I am wearing. I have a habit of collecting money and buying something of quality that would last a long time rather than buying on impulse. I figured:

Less purchase

Less garbage

When I am choosing a dress material I choose a durable material. I do buy cotton. I know how much it contributes to carbon footprint. But I also know that when the garment is old I can find many alternative uses for it. I can easily convert it to comfortable home wear, dusters, serviettes for the kitchen, cleaning rags etc.

I am getting more and more conscious about my own carbon footprint.

I am beginning to understand the power of selflessness. I am beginning  to understand that less is more.

Thank you for paying attention to my thoughts!