I am Deepthie Fernando from Sri Lanka. D Karunakalage is my pen name. I am a teacher and have been one for quite some time now. As teachers we pass our knowledge to our students and at the same time we remain students too. I feel they teach us more than we can ever teach them, each one unique and special in their own way.

So reader..

In the hands of time I write songs and sing them while playing my ukulele…Music is one of my passions. I have been inking my raw thoughts for a long time and recently someone very dear to me –¬† my own brother , gave me the idea of publishing it online so that someone else could also read¬† what I have put down on paper. I am no poet or writer…learning is my passion. I am on my journey to find the meaning and purpose of my own life just like you do it in your own way .

Thank you so much for taking TIME to read my dandelions – my thoughts.

I am truly grateful to you for all your comments.

Take good care!